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This is a collection of images obtained via the following tools: Canon G-2 Digital Camera and PhotoShop

The contents of this page are subject to change as new images catch my eye, and as my storage allotment on the host server will allow.

A moderate collection of images from my no longer recent (June - August 2002) trip (and my last with that department of Lockheed Martin) to the UK. Images have been reduced to ~25% of original size.

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal

Located west of Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Scottish Weed
A large bee seeking food in a relative of the artichoke... The Scottish Weed... uh, Thistle.

Swan Lake
One of the residents of the Water Gardens.

Overlook: FA from Anne Boleyn's Seat
A view of Fountains Abbey and part of the Water Gardens, taken from the heights of a spot known as Anne Boleyn's Seat.

Fountains Abbey
The main abbey buildings, from the walk-way near the water gardens.
(Approximately at the left-most bend in the previous image)

One Fowl Neighbor
Another winged resident of the Abbey grounds.

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle
raw WarwickA view, from just inside the main gate, across the bailey, of Warwick Castle.

The clouds are not real.
This is one of the few times I did major PhotoShop work on one of the trip images.
Compare to the raw image at right:

The Collegiate Church of St. Mary, visible from the top of one of the towers of Warwick Castle.


Located about eight miles to the southwest of Warwick.

Shakespeare's Birthplace
Shakespeare's Birthplace.

Hathaway's Cottage
Anne Hathaway's Cottage.

Bolsover Castle

Visible on the hill from the A1 highway. Unfortunately, the best overall views of the Castle require one to be floating in air.

Beneath the Spreading Chestnut Tree...
Well, I don't think it is a chestnut, but if that doesn't qualify for "spreading" I don't know what does
The outer bailey / horse grounds of a rich man's toy castle.

The Keep
The Keep.
A view from the outer bailey, through a gate, and across the inner bailey, to the core of the castle.

Venus Fountain
A fountain located in the midst of the inner bailey.
According to the guide books, Venus must have been carved from an illustration;
her legs are of different lengths were she to stand up straight.

Lustful Beast #1Lustful Beast #2Lustful Beast #3
Located in the base of the fountain, three of the "Lustful Beasts" surrounding Venus.

I found it somewhat curious that, according to the guide book, these are replacements carved from descriptions of the lost originals. Yet, a mantlepiece of family Arms did not have the broken hind legs of the dog supporters repaired for "lack of information".
Just how much documentation do you need to patch a missing dog leg?!

Great Owl
Owl SizeA very large owl.

A demonstration of Falconry was scheduled for the day I visited, but we had massive rain storms roll in and out all day. It seems that it rained at the hour of each demo.

You can judge the size of the owl in the thumbnail to the right.

Hardwick Hall - More Glass than Wall

Yes, they do use that trite saying in the guide book, and other souvenirs.

Located a few miles south of Bolsover, and also on a hill such that it is visible from the A1. Hardwick, Chatsworth, and Bolsover were all properties of the same extended family.

Hardwick Hall
Hardwick New Hall. Taken from atop the ruins of Hardwick Old Hall (though both had been under construction in parallel).
Photography is not permitted inside the New Hall, hence the few images presented here, and the Old Hall is truly a mass of open ruins with little to recommend itself to presentation.

A Foxglove plant, from the gardens of Hardwick New Hall.
As mentioned under Bolsover, it had been raining on and off, raindrops are beaded upon the plant.

Purple Flowers
Another rain-drenched flower.

I am a bit proud of how well these flowers turned out, as I was using "macro" mode with no camera support, or flash, on a dim day.

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