This page illustrates variations resulting from the use of differing methods of converting a color photograph to a Black&White (grey scale) photograph.

Note: all sample images were reduced to 20% of the in-camera JPEG size

Green Kangaroo, color The camera-captured and JPEG processed color version
Green Kangaroo, PS Mode Greyscale Photoshop Image/Mode/Greyscale
Green Kangaroo, Desaturated Photoshop Image/Adjustments/Desaturate
While the Green Kangaroo looks pretty much the same in both Mode/Greyscale and Adjustment/Desaturate, note how much of a difference there is in the bird on the left.
Green Kangaroo, B&W Conversion 1 Photoshop Image/Adjustments/Black&White Conversion 1
Alternation: increase Red, Green, Blue; decrease Yellow, Cyan, Magenta
Increase moves the luminance of a particular color towards white, decrease turns the color black.
The contrast on the Kangaroo is slightly higher, but notice the darkness of the bird's beak!
Adjustment settings 1
Green Kangaroo, B&W Conversion 2 Photoshop Image/Adjustments/Black&White Conversion 2
Alternation: increase Yellow, Cyan, Magenta; decrease Red, Green, Blue
The Kangaroo is practically monochrome; little difference between dark body and light belly
Adjustment settings 2
Green Kangaroo, B&W Conversion 3 Photoshop Image/Adjustments/Black&White Conversion 3
Alternations: increase Cyan, Blue, Magenta; decrease Red, Yellow, Green
The Kangaroo belly has actually gone darker than the dark body
Adjustment settings 3
Green Kangaroo, B&W Conversion 4 Photoshop Image/Adjustments/Black&White Conversion 4
Alternation: increase Red, Yellow, Green; decrease Cyan, Blue, Magenta
The Kangaroo belly has gone nearly white, while the body is almost black; very high contrast
Adjustment settings 4

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